Monday, December 20, 2010

Busy aagh!

Wow, things have heated up at The Barn and we are soooo busy.  I've been working so many days and trying to work on the sequel to Currents Deep and Deadly that I haven't been hitting the gym as I normally do.  Of course running up and down the stairs to help customers for 8 hours is exercise. 

I know I'm going to eat too much over the next couple of weeks but there is just no doubt that when it is over I'll be back with the regulars at Balance Fitness.  Then in January on my writing cruise to South America (complete with RCCL hosting a book signing) I'll utilize the gym just like the characters, Darcy and Mick, in my novel. 

What are you doing to stay healthy and sane during the holidays?  Do you have any REAL health resolutions and if so how will you keep them?