Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Darcy: How Does She Think?

Darcy's quotes from the three adventure novels give some insight into her thinking and philosophy.

Darcy Quotes

"Life throws a lot of curves, near misses, and too often direct hits. I believe I've had more than my share of the latter. Usually it takes only a minute for me to reject such a self-pitying notion. Still, it would be hard to imagine how more change--accompanied by trauma--could come about in such a relatively short time. Mystery and violence have been part of my reality for the past two and a half years. It used to seem like a fluke, but now I'm beginning to wonder if it's become a way of life.''
 —Current Assets (coming soon) 

"If you think about it, trillions of events are happening in the world at the same time every moment of every day, and some are directly related while most have absolutely no connection in space or time. But somewhere along the continuum of events there have to be overlapping occurrences that will have meaning for at least one of us, but only if we are in the right place at the right time to recognize them."
--Currents Deep and Deadly

"You can truly believe you have a handle on how your little slice of life fits into the whole pie, but just when you think pepperoni is all you'll ever need, someone dumps a bunch of mushrooms and peppers on top, and suddenly a mind-blowing revelation smacks you in the mouth. My name is Darcy Farthing, and this is my slice-of-life-with-everything-on-it story.'
--Currents Deep and Deadly

 "I would rather be at the mercy of chaos, where at least I have a chance of bringing order to my life, than to be manipulated by something for its own unknown purpose. I'm afraid that based on the reality of the world, I don't see a reason to assume its purpose would be benevolent."
--Currents of Vengeance

"To keep your sanity when it seems everything in your life has gone over-the-top crazy, you can step back from the action and try to gain an astronaut’s perspective of the world.  But when you find yourself getting lost in the tranquility of that detached view it’s time to dive into a current and get back in the flow."
 —Currents of Vengeance

Sunny is All About Yellow

The third Darcy Farthing adventure novel should be available in a few weeks. Darcy is in South Florida enjoying the sunny weather, but quickly becoming embroiled in more mystery and trauma. We meet a new character; her 2003 Mustang GT, named what else but Sunny.  Here's a brief synopsis.

Current Assets 

Darcy Farthing and her friends can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Darcy left her job with Schrinden  Pharmaceuticals, and her home on the bluff in Colorado Springs, to live with boyfriend Mick Clayton in Marco Island, Florida. They are exploring their new relationship and commitment to each other. She is enjoying the success of her first book while working on a new manuscript, which tells the story of their latest ill-fated cruise. Mick is commuting between Florida and Washington, DC while conducting a supposedly routine U. S. Government Accountability Office audit of the Marshals Service Asset Forfeiture Program. Forfeitures are property the marshals seize from criminals, then store, and eventually liquidate to pay restitution or support law enforcement efforts. Under an agreement with the marshals, the Geneva County Florida Sheriff’s Office stores and safeguards seized property in secure lockers and vaults.

Mick and Darcy are thrown into a mystery peppered with violence when their friend and compatriot, Tom Smythe, is arrested for shooting a deputy sheriff two weeks after starting work as an administrative officer for Geneva County. Mick is drawn into the investigation and to aid Tom he taps into his professional and personal resources, including long time friend New York Senator Bill Sawyer. It soon becomes clear that the shooting is tied to corruption in the sheriff’s office. Unknown perpetrators are stealing and liquidating property forfeited by criminals and stored by Geneva County. Suddenly, Mick’s GAO assignment is no longer routine.

As Tom tries to extricate himself from his legal nightmare, someone starts murdering sheriffs deputies believed to be involved in the county theft ring, and evidence points to Tom. Florida state, and federal investigators struggle to determine motive, find clues, and address a complicated set of multi-jurisdictional crimes. Meanwhile, Darcy unintentionally draws dangerous attention to herself when she innocently looks for evidence to help Tom and becomes a target for threats and violence.

As Mick’s GAO team continues their audit of the asset forfeiture program, Mick realizes the corruption in the sheriffs office is strangely intertwined with a Yemeni-Pakistani terrorist cell using smuggled pre-Columbian artifacts to raise funds for a new branch of Al Qaeda. Mick and Darcy risk their well-being when they embark on a six day Caribbean cruise aboard a mega million-dollar yacht and uncover smuggling activity by the yacht’s captain and crew. Their discovery eventually leads authorities to unravel a surprising internal county scheme and to catch an unbalanced murderer, who nearly succeeds in adding Darcy to the list of victims.

While these events are producing enough trauma and stress for Darcy and friends, her birth daughter, Rachael makes a surprise visit from Kenya where she lives with her adoptive parents, bringing with her another shocking set of problems. Darcy and Mick are thrown into a parenting and problem-solving role when Rachael’s parents are unwilling or unable to handle their daughter’s troubles. Rachael too becomes a target of desperate criminals when she takes it upon herself to help solve Tom’s attempted murder case. Darcy must face how similar she and Rachael are despite having been apart most of Rachael’s life. Even after resolving the problems in Geneva County, Darcy and Mick must still contend with the surprising and controversial family crisis that Rachael literally brings to their doorstep.