Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Best Resolution -first posted a year ago

We had a conversation with the owner of our gym about the huge number of new members they always get in January. People have great intentions to turn over a new leaf and lose weight or just get healthier. Unfortunately, it is typical that most of these members fade out of the picture by Spring. Why? More than likely, these folks were not really committed to their self-improvement. It is one thing to know what we should do, and quite another to completely internalize it and make fitness our top priority FOR LIFE.

This seems surprising in a way, because the feeling--the high, if you will--that comes with being in shape, looking good, and knowing that for the most part we are putting healthy fuel into our bodies, is incomparable. So, what to do? Let us know your ideas for turning a fitness resolution into actual life change.

We also have to renew our committment each year as we look forward to, and prepare to embrace, the changes that will inevitably take place in our lives.

Back to basics for the holidays

Well, time has really gotten away from me and I know I'm not the only one. Book marketing is a whole new world and finding time to work on writing the sequel is difficult with everything else happening over the holidays. The Barn and Synergy are going along fine but the retail endeavor takes a lot of that energy and time that are so scarce.

So, again, now is the perfect time to take a deep belly breath and reaffirm a comittment to health and fitness. Just a few minutes a day to start with for some stretching, running in place, jogging up and down your stairs and starting the day with a wholesome substantial breakfast. Yes, that will go a long way and tomorrow and tomorrow and so on, it will be easier to expand to 20 minutes of exercise, 30, and so on. And don't forget it is all about water and fiber. Flatten your belly with those two elements in your diet. . . and of course, keep moving.