Monday, May 2, 2011

Onward and (hopefully) Upward

So after six years, Synergy Decor has closed its virtual doors at The Barn in Castle Rock.  However, I still have a small spot to sell my books and jewelry, along with some small treasures I bring in from time to time, when I find something special.  I can't just leave The Barn when I have so many friends there.
I'm trying to maintain a writing schedule now with my health and fitness agenda.
Also, I'm revising my Synergy website at aka

Today, author Susan Whitfield has posted an interview she did with me on Currents Deep and Deadly.  You can check it out at  The other important book news is that the public library in Castle Rock will have a book signing for me on May 14, from noon to 2:00.

Now, with all the energy and time required to make the move at The Barn, what has fallen by the wayside?  Of course, my gym workouts.  This is what happens to most of us when something has to give.  But today I plan to resume my workouts and renew my healthy eating habits.  Along with this, I will begin blogging more regularly with real tips on a healthy lifestyle and staying fit.  Meanwhile, here is a familiar site for some of you.  Yes, it is the tip of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  I am considering this as the background picture for the cover of Currents of Vengeance, my next novel.  So beautiful!