Monday, March 21, 2011

This is a lovely old church on St. Kitts.  It is described in Chapter 14 of Currents Deep and Deadly, as Darcy tours Basseterre, the 380-year-old capital with her new friends Don and Charlie.  That's Tim in the picture getting ready to check out the interesting old headstones.

I wouldn't go so far as to say the book has fans, yet, but there are more and more folks asking when the sequel will be published.  I'm saying August and hoping I can deliver.

Meanwhile, as I wind down my major effort at The Barn, to free up more time for the writing, I'm concentrating on taking my own advice.  Getting back to basics of healthy eating and exercising at least four days a week.  Time doesn't wait for us to make life-enhancing decisions.  I have so much admiration for my friends who are seeing results from losing weight the "old fashioned" way.  They will probably keep the weight off, because they are internalizing the need to change their life eating patterns.

Another way to think about this whole weight thing--really an obsession now in our culture--is simply that we owe it to the people who love us, and particularly to our children, to live as long as possible and to be the best role models possible.  This means that how much you weigh and how you look are important, but secondary to the health issues related to malnutrution, dehydration, diabetes. osteoporosis, extra inches of fat on the body and around the heart, etc. that accompany unhealthy eating with too much processed sugar and fat.

Yes, of course we all know this, but I've found that thinking long-term about this and picturing the world without me in it goes a long way in helping me stay on track.