Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Glop

I wish this was a fun and clever acronym but alas, it is just what I call the pureed vegetable and fruit concoction I make about twice a week and try to drink every day.  I first started making "smoothies" for my mom when she was laid up after surgery and not eating much, so she would be sure to get some nutrition.

Then, over time I modified or I should say simplified down to something that I credit with eliminating another layer of fat from my abdomen and renewing my energy.  Also, I have a good feeling about getting more vegetables and fruits into my diet.  This is so simple.  I use a blender, not even a food processor, which I guess might be better.  I puree a handful of baby spinach, a carrot, and any other vegetable I have on hand, like squash, green beans, green pepper, etc.  Then I add a banana, an orange (with a little of the peel for vitamin K), an apple, maybe a peach, etc. and a couple of different kinds of berries, usually blueberries and raspberries.  So, whatever you have, but a variety of good anti oxident fruits.   

For liquid I use pure cranberry juice but orange or apple juice will work to make the consistancy drinkable.  I end up with a full blender.  I think the cranberry helps overcome the vegetable taste, but honestly, this has not been an issue.  It tastes really good.  I only drink about 6 ounces a day.  Be sure to store in the refrigerator in an opaque container, since light can destroy the vitamins.


  1. More power to you for drinking the Glop! I'm more of a fruit smoothie person. - Susie

  2. Well, unless you put ice cream or yogurt in your smoothie, it tastes just like one, only thicker, depending on how much juice you add. Thanks.