Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to Writing

Well, you know I'm thrilled to have Currents of Vengeance out and available.  So many folks have asked when it will be published because they want to know what happens to Darcy, Mick, Tom, and the rest of the quirky cast.  Since, I'll be "land-locked" for the next year, I've decided they will too.  So, the third book, Current Assets, will follow their antics and problems down in Florida near Mick's home on Marco Island.  I'm planning more twisty plots and dillemas for them and I'm researching and writing now.  My husband, Tim, will be a source of information and inspiration, since I'll draw on some of his U.S. Marshal experience.

My publisher has built a new website for my books.  It's pretty cool at
You've probably seen the book trailer for Currents Deep and Deadly, but if not, here it is.

As I've said, my new motto is "You're healthy until you're not."  By this I mean that although a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, and exercise are the way to go to help achieve a long life, we cannot control everything.  As frustrating as it is, genetics and environment can conspire against us in complicated ways that are not understood by anyone.  So, the best we can do is our best, so that if we encounter a serious health issue we can accept that it is part of life and know we did not knowingly bring it upon ourselves.  If nothing else, this is good motivation to be as healthy as possible . . . and hope it is for life.

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  1. I hope you're doing well! I've always adored your HEALTHY outlook on life...I bought a new "chopper" machine thingy (called the Chef Rival) - it's manual, not electric. I've been buying fresh veggies and fruits and creating healthy snacks with it AND since it's manual, I'm getting arm excercise too LOL I'm trying.....haha