Sunday, July 29, 2012

Third Darcy Adventure on Amazon & B&N

I see that at and at now have Current Assets available. It is only $3.99 on kindle. I hope you'll check it out, especially if you are not yet familiar with Darcy's adventures. Each of the three books stands alone, so you don't have to start at the beginning, unless you want to get the whole picture, of course. I'm really grateful for the kind words and support from readers. Happy reading!

In this latest story, Darcy and Mick find themselves in trouble again, this time in South Florida where Darcy and her beloved yellow Mustang have moved to be with Mick and continue her writing career. Her biological daughter, Rachael, turns up unexpectedly from Kenya with big problems at the same time that friend, Tom Smythe, is arrested for shooting a sheriff's deputy. Soon the quirky cast of characters is propelled into a mind-blowing complicated murder and theft plot involving local government corruption, smuggling, and Middle East terrorists. Mick and his team are drawn into the drama as they try to conduct a routine audit of the sheriff's office and U.S. marshal's asset forfeiture program, which quickly becomes anything but routine. Darcy and Rachael manage to draw violent attention to them selves and Darcy and Mick find additional adventure and danger on a private luxury cruise yacht.

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