Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blog Site Moving

Hi everyone, I have a new web site and it includes my blog. All the content from this blogspot has been moved and my blogs will now be on

A free ebook is offered on the new site as well, and a schedule for book signings.

I'm working on the fourth Darcy Farthing adventure novel and I'm not sure how far this series is going to take me. Readers will remember Don and Charlie, who became heroes in the first book, Currents Deep and Deadly. They and their daughter, Penelope, will be featured in the new book. The three live in Seattle, and are happy, despite a few local gay rights issues. However, suddenly their lives are turned completely upside down by elusive kidnappers who might be related to one of several groups. Darcy and Mick are determined to help the little family at considerable risk to themselves.

I'll give a lot more teasers as I work on it.

I'm hoping everyone stays safe and healthy. Our society seems to be getting more and more violent to where life might actually be imitating art. We went to the movies yesterday and saw six previews of coming films. Every one of them was nonstop murder and mayhem--unbelievable violence. It sickened us. The movie we saw, Expendables 2, was particularly violent from beginning to end and we wished we had skipped it.

The thing that disturbed us most was a family of four with a seven year old boy and four year old girl actually sitting through the whole thing. What were those parents thinking? What is happening to our culture? Am I just overreacting?

 Here's another random travel photo. Peaceful sleeping Koala at Steve Erwin's zoo near Sydney. They sleep most of the time due to their low protein diet of eucalyptus leaves. So soft and cuddly and we got to pet them.

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