Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Pounds Gained

Well, it's official.  I have gained two real pounds.  What does real mean?  It means not water weight or normal daily fluctuation, but actual added fat.  This is from eating too many carbs over the holidays and not getting to the gym as much as I normally do.  But I'm not worried.

Sometimes people assume it is just easy for some people to be thin.  And of course some folks have an easier time than others for a number of reasons.  For me, if I continue with what I am doing now, I will gain about two pounds every week or two until I make a change.

Fortunately, I know how to do this after 45 years of getting up the learning curve.  Ironically, I can't wait to get on the ship on Sunday because I know I will take the time to work out, walk every day and eat healthy food.  I've said before, we usually LOSE weight on a cruise because there are so many opportunities for excercise and good healthy food is prepared for you, so it doesn't take much effort.  Of course, at home some self discipline is required to control the snacking.  Twenty minutes of fast moving exercise every other day or so will truly help. 

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  1. Oh brother....You better hand ME down all of YOUR outgrown clothes now LOL 2 pounds could mean an entire new wardrobe for you if you don't watch out haha! J/K...good luck losing your 2 pounds...I would LOVE to gain 2 pounds! I've been eating more frequently this week, but it's making me hungry ALL the time! AND it goes straight to my belly, so I better start doing some crunches or something before I have the dunlop disease!