Friday, January 14, 2011

Carb Lovers Diet. . .really?

I just watched an interview with authors of a new diet book, The Carb Lovers Diet.  It all made so much sense but my advice is don't waste your money.  As I have offered before, these books are just for someone to make money in our nutrition-knowledge-deficient society.  The book does apparently give a lot of "recipes" for satisfying carbohydrate foods with nice pictures and that might be a reason to buy it.  But, here is the point.  They tell us to eat barely ripe bananas, oatmeal, whole grain breads, potatos including potato chips, and other fiber foods.  Really? 

Folks, this is a no brainer and NOTHING new.  The government's food pyramid starts with whole grains at the base and works up with vegetables and fruit next.  In fact, the examples the authors gave are essentially the foods that Tim and I have eaten for many years and the foods my thin and fit 40 something sons grew up eating.  Common sense and a little education makes it clear that these healthy carbs, also rich in fiber, are good for us.  Yes, the fiber scrubs out our intestines to reduce belly fat and these are the natural foods that our ancestors thrived on.  Fruit, whole grains, vegetables, lots of water, and some good protein.  That's just a normal HEALTHY diet.  You can eat a lot of these foods and simply reduce the processed sugar desserts to a minimum and make the most of them, such as eating dark chocolate (more antioxidants, less sugar).  Portion control is important but primarily when you stray into the unhealthy carbs and sugary or white flour and fat snacks.

Finally, I firmly believe that because most of us just can't or won't eat seven portions of vegetables and fruit every day, a good absorbing multi-vitamin and plenty of calcium every day is essential in our culture. . .but that's just me.

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