Friday, February 18, 2011

Back From Cape Horn

Hi, all.  Our month-long adventure around S. America is over and the first 3 weeks were unbelievably great.  Then we heard that a broken water pipe flooded part of our house due to the subzero temperature.  A few days later, while at sea for 3 days, we learned that my husband's mother had passed.  Wow, talk about a stressful last week.  We definitely had to take some deep breaths and hit the gym on the ship to work off some of the stress . . . to say nothing of the extra calories we were consuming.

We only took the elevator on the ship a handful of times during the month, so up and down 5 or 6 flights of stairs a number of times everyday helped, along with walks around the deck.  So many people on the cruise were very out of shape and overweight.  We would see them riding the elevator one floor.  There is a mindset about this whole fitness thing that we need to develop.  That is, we don't have to be comfortable all the time or take the easy way.  I think just adding a little movement each day along with a healthy diet can go a long way.

The booksignings for Currents Deep and Deadly went great and I got a lot of very positive feedback from people who bought it and read it on the cruise.  I also got a lot of writing done on the sequel, Currents of Vengeance and hope to publish this summer.

From our trip album:

Penguin Rookery near Cape Horn

End of the World Light House near Ushuia, Argentina
600 hundred miles from Antarctica

Onboard booksigning - what fun!

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