Monday, June 20, 2011

Darcy Farthing Adventure Continues

Possible Cover - stairs of death, Valparaiso
  The manuscript for Currents of Vengeance is out with the reviewers and I'm working on a cover design.  TELL ME WHICH OF THESE PICTURES YOU LIKE BEST.  It looks like you will be able to check it out on Kindle, nook, or get one made of paper, by the end of August.  It will be better to read the first book, Currents Deep and Deadly first, but not necessary.  Here's a preview of the storyline of Currents of Vengeance.

Darcy is adjusting to her new career as an author and struggling with Mick's mysterious depression and anxiety. She wonders what has happened to the romance they found on their ill-fated South American cruise.  With her "new" daughter Rachael's encouragement, she finds herself struggling against an unexpected attraction to her ex-husband, successful Vegas businessman, Brooks Larkin.

In a surprising turn of events, she and Rachael accompany Mick and the Sea Nymph's ex-chief of security, Tom Smythe, on a second cruise around South America.  This time, Mick and Tom are conducting a GAO/FBI investigation of crime on cruise ships, while trying to find evidence to prosecute Paul Denezza, the ruthless hotel and casino owner, for his crimes on the first cruise.  Instead of a relaxing vacation, Darcy and the others encounter more violence, madness, and mystery as currents from the first cruise rise to the surface and threaten to pull them under.  A cast of quirky psychologically flawed characters bent on revenge against the World of Seas cruise line and our travelers provides non-stop action and surprises.

Possible Cover Picture - Inca ruins

Possible cover picture - Cabo, Mexico

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