Thursday, July 7, 2011

My new motto!

Here is my Xena for those who have never seen her.  She's lean and mean too!

It was reported today that Colorado is approaching a 20% obesity rate.  The stunning thing is that we are the lowest in the nation, but in 1995, 20% was one of the highest rates.  What has happened to our society in sixteen years?

You are healthy until you are not!  That's my new motto!  Who knew I would end up in a life-changing, life-fighting battle with the Big C.  The good news is that my healthy eating and exercise have prepared me for this and I will probably have an easier time with the surgery and treatments than if I weren't in good shape.  Also, overall good health is a huge aid in beating the spread of the disease.

So, one more reason to get out there and move and start eating lots of  foods high in anti-oxidants, like blueberries.  These help eliminate the free radicals; damaged cells that course through our systems turning into cancerous ones.  Obviously, anyone can get sick no matter how hard they work at being healthy.  There are many examples of this, including moi. Genetics play a role that is not well understood.

Stay hydrated with lots of water and keep exercising.  Eat lots of fiber and lose the excess sugar and animal fat from your diet and think lean.  Being overweight is NEVER a good thing, no matter what happens to you, especially when your body is stressed.

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